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No pavement arrow for middle lane at Kent Lane and Chinden Boulevard in Garden City, early "fall" leaves due to sycamore sickness in Boise; thanks for moving parking restriction at State and 16th streets

The Road Wizard Replies

Dear Road Wizard: I'm writing regarding the intersection of Kent Lane and Chinden Boulevard in Garden City, just south of Expo Idaho. Southbound Kent has three lanes: right and left-turn only lanes for turns onto Chinden, and a middle lane to go straight through into the Fred Meyer parking lot. The turn lanes are marked with arrows painted on the pavement, but there is no marking on the middle lane to show how it's to be used. I occasionally see people using the middle lane as a second left-turn lane onto Chinden, catching people in the left-turn lane by surprise. I was nearly sideswiped recently by a car making a left this way.


Road Wizard:

Lanes that handle through-only traffic don't always have through arrows marked on the ground. That is a lot to maintain, and they are not always that necessary if there are other "cues" that tell a driver what lane goes where at a signal.

In this case, perhaps the reason the middle lane never had pavement markings is because arrows can easily be covered up by queued vehicles. However, to help clarify lane use, ACHD will install an arrow sign on the signal mast arm for the middle lane, which is to be used only as a through lane. A similar but not identical sign will also be placed for the right-turn lane. Signs aren't a perfect solution because they can be blocked by tall vehicles, but they do last much longer than street paint.

Dear Road Wizard: Boise Community Forestry has confirmed the presence of a blight across the city, especially in the North and East Ends, that is causing sycamore trees to drop their leaves prematurely. It's due to an unusually wet spring that prompted the growth of fungus in sycamores. Our gutters and storm drains are now clogged with leaves, and we are raking in June. How is ACHD revising and increasing its street sweeping schedule to compensate for this phenomenon?


Road Wizard:

Doctor Tree has given a diagnosis of "sycamore anthracnose." It's a common disease that can result in dropping leaves and the death of new shoots. This spring was the perfect "rain" storm for widespread illness. Boise City Forestry will treat the trees to protect them from future illness, but it first has to run its course.

ACHD's sweeping crews are busy sweeping streets as part of summer chip sealing work, but crews will be out to help collect the leaves as time permits.

Residents can help by cleaning up the leaves, which carry spores that can re-infect trees. But there are small hairs on the backs of the leaves that can become airborne. This is a normal part of the tree, but wearing a dust mask is recommended while working with the leaves.

Dear Road Wizard: I was able to zip right up to the mailbox and handily dropped my bills into the slot. Folks appear to be complying with your new sign. I recognize that you are all busy this time of year getting work done while the weather is good, so I appreciate the time you took to really look at my complaint.


Road Wizard:

You are welcome. It's great to have the drive-up mailbox at State and 16th streets "drive-up able" now, thanks to ACHD moving the no-parking restriction to a spot slightly downstream from the mailbox.

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