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Trees growing out into the road on Maple Grove; new raised bike lanes for the Cloverdale Overpass; a new street name sign needed for Victory Road; when will the chip seal process be over

The Road Wizard Replies

Dear Road Wizard: On North Maple Grove and Mountain View Drive and going up towards Mitchell Street, the trees along the ditch, behind the Chevron station and Powderhaus brew pub, are growing out into the street forcing bicyclists and pedestrians to walk into traffic. In fact, if you continue westbound from North Maple Grove on Mountain View to Chinden Boulevard, the trees have actually grown into the road for about a quarter mile or more. Could you send a crew out to clean up and trim back that problem? Thought you should know before somebody gets hurt.


Road Wizard:

ACHD vegetation crews are currently working to clear sight obstructions along Hill Road and trimming vegetation within school zones before the new school year starts. It is likely that this area will be addressed later in August, but it is on the vegetation crew's list!

Dear Road Wizard: The new Cloverdale Overpass has what looks like a two-tiered sidewalk. Is it not? What is the purpose? I have not seen it before.


Road Wizard:

Yes, the Cloverdale Overpass features a new (to Ada County) type of bike facility. These are referred to as "Raised Bike Lanes". They create a vertical separation from vehicle traffic and have a mountable curb to allow for easier entry and exit by bicyclists. These create a more comfortable space to appeal to a wider range of bicyclists of varied skill levels.

Dear Road Wizard: The sign for Victory Road that is mounted on the traffic pole at the northeast corner of Victory Road and Eagle Road has peeled so badly it is difficult to read. When is ACHD planning to replace it?


Road Wizard:

Ada County has roughly 340,000 road signs and the Highway District is continuously replacing them for various reasons such as vandalism, damage, and simply being old.

Generally, the turnaround time to replace a sign is a few days, depending on the time of year. The Road Wizard has sent your question to ACHD and they should add your request to their list of signs to be replaced this year.

If you ever come across a sign that needs to be replaced that is a safety issue, such as a stop sign or a yield sign, please notify ACHD immediately.

Dear Road Wizard: Chip sealing seems like it's been going on all summer. When will ACHD get this over with and I can park in the street again?


Road Wizard:

Fear not chip seal recipient! ACHD is hard at work trying to wrap up the chip seal season.

The temporary "No Parking" signs are an indication that crews will generally be in your area in the next 24 to 48 hours. Without knowing where along this year's chip seal zone you are located, the best course is for you to check ACHD's website. There's a special page on their website dedicated to chip sealing that includes an interactive map with daily updates on their progress.

There are a few steps involved in the chip seal process, and ACHD is almost done with the "chip seal" part--placing fresh oil and laying the chips on the road. But crews still have to apply a coating of fog seal to the chipped roads. The fog seal helps to retain the chips, control dust, and provides a fresh canvas for the freshly-painted pavement markings which will follow.

The entire chip seal operation should be complete by the end of August or first part of September.

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