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Update on progress on the State & Collister project; signs on private property; stops bars have not been repainted yet in newly chip sealed area

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Dear Road Wizard: I was just wondering how much longer it is going to take to complete the intersection of State Street and Collister Dr.? It seems like it has been taking a very long time and there are some days I see no work activity at all. Also, having Collister closed like it has been for the past couple of weeks is extremely inconvenient and I do not understand why the road is closed when a new section is being created. Why not just leave the old part open until the new section is completed?


Road Wizard:

The State and Collister intersection is scheduled to be completed and fully open to traffic in mid-October. The majority of work over the past few weeks has been concrete paving on State Street, which is primarily done at night to minimize the impact to adjacent traffic.

East of Collister, the work is less visible to the discerning observer, which includes both underground utility work and stormwater system construction. Rest assured, just because you don't see active work doesn't mean that nothing is going on.

The closure is necessary to tie the new Collister Drive into the existing Collister Drive at the north end of the project. This requires still more utility work, excavation, placement of base gravels, installation of pipe and electrical conduit, placement of curb and gutter, and finally a top layer of asphalt. The new alignment is set to open August 24th.

Dear Road Wizard: I manage a Business Park in Meridian. Currently there is a "Notice for Fire Lanes" sign that needs to be replaced near one of the entrances of the business park. How soon can ACHD complete that?


Road Wizard:

Signage on private property is the responsibility of the property owner, business owner, or in some cases the developer. This covers essentially all signage from handicap parking, to fire lanes. Also, a little-known fact is that parking lot striping and curb painting are also their responsibilities.

There are a few companies in Ada County that can assist with producing and replacing aging or damaged signs for property and business owners. As a general rule, ACHD is not responsible for maintenance on private property.

Dear Road Wizard: I noticed that the intersection of Magic View Drive, S. Wells Street, and E. Magic View Circle do not have any "stop bars" painted on the ground. The stop signs are prevalent, but with the intersection being three ways, it can be confusing where the driver should actually be stopping. Can you paint the bars on the roads out there?


Road Wizard:

That specific intersection was recently fog sealed as part of ACHD's chip sealing process. While this Wizard cannot actually paint the road, my crystal ball tells me that we should see "stop bars" painted by the end of next week.

ACHD does have an interactive map on their website where you can monitor the chip seal progress and it is updated daily so that residents can have the best, most current information. However, it is always a good idea to reach out to ACHD directly if you are concerned about safety on the roadway.

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