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Left over signs; School Zone Flashers

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Dear Road Wizard: When ACHD finished Cloverdale construction, your sign crew removed a sign at the corner of West DeMeyer Street and North Koaster Avenue. They left part of the signpost in the ground. About eight inches of post is sticking up in the grass right next to the sidewalk. This sidewalk is part of the safe routes to school. However even with no more school, there are still a lot of people using this sidewalk and it is very dangerous having part of a post sticking up out of the ground. I have placed two large boulders around this post to prevent trip hazard. If you intend to use this again you need to put a sign in the post or remove it. Thank You.

Little Old Lady Homeowner

Road Wizard:

Little Old Lady Homeowner, thank you for taking the time to write me and let me know about this sign base. My crystal ball was a little fuzzy on it and fortunately ACHD had a spare man to send out to the location for further investigation. It seems this was not an ACHD sign base but most likely left over from the traffic control company during the Cloverdale construction project. Either way, the sign base has been removed and is no longer a hazard to pedestrians.

Dear Road Wizard: With school not being in session now or for a few more weeks (at best) will the school zone flashers be turned off until the kids go back to school? Thanks!

Washing My Hands

Road Wizard:

Dear Hand Washer, first thanks for keeping your digits clean, second, yes, ACHD is taking control of the school zone flashers and changing them accordingly. ACHD has also worked been working with schools that are serving free meals to students to have the flashers begin flashing 15 minutes before the anticipated arrival of meal delivery and remain flashing for 30 minutes after the last meal is scheduled to be served.

The flashers were programmed for normal school hours, but the meal service is scheduled for a different time, so each signal is being programmed individually. With that being said, quarantine has had the effect of getting more people outside for walks so any motorists should slow down and be aware of increased pedestrian traffic, especially in neighborhoods and around school zones.

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