Right-of-Way What is it, and How it Impacts You

With a growing region, meeting the transportations needs, comprehensive plans, and Community Program requests are an integral portion of any project. Some projects will require acquiring property from owners within the project area. Our Right-of-Way team will work with property owners to reach a fair and equitable exchange for property. Read information concerning the right-of-way acquisition process in: "A Guide to the Process" .

More About Right-of-Way

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The right-of-way team handles applications for activities within the public road rights-of-way such as landscaping, fence encroachments, etc.

Roadside Memorial Policy

Memorials within the public rights-of way placed in a safe and consistent manner may ease the grieving process, and when installed appropriately, can increase public awareness of the need for safety. Right-of-way assists and monitors these public memorials. To register a Roadside Memorial or a permanent Roadside Memorial, such as a sign, please complete the application and return it to the Ada County Highway District.

Vacation or Exchange of Public Right-of-Way

The District Board of Commissioners may vacate or exchange excess or unused public right-of-way or real property, if this is in the best interest of the District and the public. The right-of-way team will present the request to the Commission.

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