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November 14, 2012 | 6 p.m.

Previous Meeting: November 7, 2012
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STATUS REPORTS | 4:45 p.m. | May be heard any time before or after the Pre-Commission Meeting or during the Post-Commission Meeting | ACHD Pre-Commission Room

PRE-COMMISSION AGENDA | 5:30 p.m. | Will start at this time or shortly thereafter | ACHD Pre-Commission Room

The Commission welcomes public input on agenda items. If you wish to testify, please use the sign-in sheet to ensure you have a chance to speak. Individuals are asked to limit their remarks to three minutes, and more time is afforded to representatives of groups. If you want to submit written comments, please do so at least 24 hours in advance to assure that Commissioners have time to read and consider your views. E-mails may be sent to

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ADOPT AGENDA -- Request for Adoption

CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS - Request for Approval (one motion)

A. Consent Agenda A - Development Application - Preliminary Plats
A. None.

B. Consent Agenda B - Final Plats
B1. Spurwing Greens Subdivision No. 2 Final Plat     Request for Approval
Final plat for Spurwing Greens Subdivision No. 2
Applicant: Spurwing Greens, LLC
Owner: Same as listed applicant
Kaci Bader  Development Review Coordinator  387-6184

C. Minutes & Minute Entries     Request for Approval
Approval of Minutes & Minute Entries for Wednesday, October 24, 2012.
Stephanie Blake  Executive Assistant/Secretary of the Board  387-6110

D. Public Auction of Surplus Property located at S. Lusk St., Boise / Parcel #R1280610180     Public Auction     Bid Results & Consideration
Consideration of Sealed Bids of surplus property located at S. Lusk St., Boise / Parcel #R1280610180. The subject real property was previously declared surplus by the Commission in Resolution #1067 following a public hearing. Resolution #1067 further directed that the subject real property be sold by Sealed Bids after first offering the subject real property to the owner of property contiguous to the subject real property.
Location: S. Lusk St., Boise / Parcel #R1280610180
Lorie Baird  Real Estate Specialist  387-6277

E. Appointment -- Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Advisory Committee     Request for Approval
Staff is seeking appointment of Todd Wilder to the ACHD ADA Advisory Committee. Staff recommends Commission approval.
Ryan Head  Transportation Funding Coordinator  387-6234

F. Resolution No. 1072 -- Approving Submission of Federal Aid Grant Applications     Consideration and Approval
Staff request Commission approval of Resolution No. 1072 which approves submission of grant applications for the FY2014-2018 Transportation Improvement Program Update. Resolution also commits match and ongoing maintenance.
Ryan Head  Transportation Funding Coordinator  387-6234

G. Approval for Paving two (2) Segments of the Garden City & Boise City Greenbelt Consideration and Approval
Garden City and Boise City have requested that ACHD pave two (2) segments of Greenbelt.
Location: South side of Boise River near the West Boise Waste Water Treatment Facility.
Paul Daigle  Deputy Director, Maintenance Operations

H. FY2013 Laundry Services Agreement: MD-126 Consideration and Approval
Staff requests Commission's approval for procurement of FY2013 Laundry Services under the NJPA Contract.
Don Roell  Facilities Specialist  (208) 387-6333

I. 30th Street Extension Cost Sharing Agreement Addendum     Request for Approval
Staff requests Commission to approve the addendum to the Cost Sharing Agreement for the 30th Street Extension.
Dyan Bevins  Project Manager III  387-6260

J. Fiscal Year 2013 Bulk Fuel Piggyback Purchase Agreement with United Oil    Consideration and Approval
Staff is requesting Commission Approval to piggyback the State's bulk fuel contract price with United Oil.
Jim Buffington  Manager of Maintenance  387-6322
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1. Resolution Number 1071 -- Formally Rejecting a Dedication of Right-of-Way and Disclaiming Interest in Pennsylvania Lane     Request for Adoption
Resolution Number 1071 formally rejects a dedication of right-of-way for a portion of Pennsylvania Lane which has not been accepted by the District as public right-of-way and disclaims any other right, claim, title or interest in properties described in certain instruments relating to Pennsylvania lane.
Scott Spears  Assistant General Counsel  387-6182
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2. Ordinance Number 221 -- Amending District Code Section 2009 relating to purchasing    Public Hearing    Request for Adoption
Ordinance Number 221 amends District Code 2009 relating to the procurement of goods, services and public works construction providing a statement of general policy and adding procedures for the consideration of past performance in the procurement of goods, services and public works construction.
Steven B. Price  General Counsel  387-6112
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3.CUP12-00054/Overland & Cloverdale Apartments -- SEC Overland and Cloverdale     Conditional Use Permit     Consideration and Approval
The applicant is requesting Conditional Use approval for the construction of a 135-unit apartment community on 5.98 acres.
Location: The site is located at 11915 W. Overland Rd. in Boise, Idaho.
Applicant: Matt Sam, Inc. -- Paul Blomberg
Mindy Wallace  Planning Review Supervisor  387-6178
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1. Public Communications

POST-COMMISSION AGENDA | Immediately following the Regular Commission Meeting | ACHD Pre-Commission Room

Items on the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a Commissioner or citizen so requests, in which case the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the Regular Agenda

NOTE: The Web version of the ACHD Commission agenda is provided as a service and is not the formal agenda of the Commission. The most current and legally noticed Commission agenda is the one posted at the District's headquarters, which can be obtained by calling 387-6100.

To arrange for a translator or other accommodation, contact ACHD at (208) 387-6100.
Se les recomienda a las personas que necesiten un intérprete o arreglos especiales que llamen a la coordinadora de participación pública, al (208) 387-6100.

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