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Roads in Ada County given a score of Excellent/Very Good

Ada County -   As school kids prepare for their first rounds of report cards, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) recently received a report card--and the results were tremendous. NCE, an independent engineering consulting firm from Richmond, California, was hired to assess the road network over the summer. The average PCI (Pavement Condition Index) was 83, which falls under the Excellent/Very Good category.


NCE surveyed about two-thirds of the arterial and collector roadways in ACHD's network (nearly 1,050 lane miles), and determined that 87 percent fell into the Excellent/Very Good category, while less than one percent fell into the Fair/Poor or Very Poor/Failed categories. The Highway District credits the continued high scores to a rigorous maintenance program.


 ACHD's highest priority remains the maintenance of our infrastructure, including chip sealing," said Tim Morgan, ACHD Deputy Director of Maintenance. "Chip sealing extends the life of the roadway, protecting it from the elements and daily wear from traffic. It's obvious that those efforts have paid off for us, and our taxpayers."


The numbers tell the story. When compared with other cities on the West Coast, roads in Ada County are in better condition.


Courtesy of NCE


Despite the effects of the harsh winter we experienced last year wreaked havoc on local roadways, but the overall condition of the system remained good, the survey concluded. Maintenance crews spent the spring and summer repairing a record number of potholes--3,553, by May. Highland Street near the Boise State Campus had to be reconstructed. Franklin Road between Orchard Street and Cole Street was hit hard, and had to be programmed into the ACHD Integrated Five-Year Work Plan to be resurfaced next year. ACHD crews had to remove and replace the asphalt on the southbound lane on Mitchell Street between Fairview and Ustick due to extreme potholing, and the fresh chip seal application on Veteran's Memorial Parkway had to be redone, as repeated plowing had roughed up the road.


Though severe winter conditions may come, ACHD will continue to prioritize the preservation and excellent condition of Ada County roadways.

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