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The importance of campaign sign placement on Ada County roadways

Ada County - As political campaigns kick off around the valley, with them come the familiar sight of signs on corners and in front yards. The placement of these signs is very important, and while they are all competing to get a driver's attention, they should not be obstructing a driver's view.


The "Vision Triangle", a measurement taken 40 feet back from the point in the intersection where either the curb lines meet or the edge of pavement meet, must be kept free of these types of signs in order to maintain an unobstructed view for a driver. The image below shows one example of the "Vision Triangle".



Signs may not be affixed to traffic signal poles, traffic signs, or any other part of the public road infrastructure. They are prohibited from being placed in medians, roundabouts, or other landscaped areas between the curb and sidewalk.


"Maintaining the vision triangle at intersections is critically important for pedestrian and bicycle safety," says Joshua Saak, Traffic Design Engineer for the Ada County Highway District. "Signs, plants, or any other obstruction taller than about three feet can significantly inhibit a driver's ability to see those on the sidewalk."


For safety, when it has been determined that a sign is obstructing the "Vision Triangle",  it is removed immediately. Signs that have been removed are brought to the Ada County Highway District headquarters at 3775 Adams Street in Garden City. Owners may contact ACHD and make arrangements to pick them up, and may be charged for any costs associated with the removal of the sign.


Campaign signs should be removed within 48 hours after Election Day.


For more information about sign placement and the "Vision Triangle", please view the Sign Placement Flier.



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