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Keep Storm Drains Clear and Watch for Fallen Trees, Tree Limbs, and Signs

The Ada County Highway District has a few reminders for residents as additional wet weather and strong winds make their way through the county.

ACHD asks residents to check their nearest storm drain to help prevent localized flooding. With strong winds, branches and debris can cover storm drain inlets, causing localized flooding. Clearing the storm drains allows water to easily run into the storm drain system. Residents can identify their nearest storm drain by checking the storm drain map.

Residents should not try to remove the storm drain grates. If a storm drain is blocked by leaves, grass or other debris, residents should use a rake to clear debris away from the storm drain. Disposing of the debris in a receptacle will prevent it from finding its way back to the drain.

In addition to localized flooding, inclement weather can sometimes lead to downed trees and signs throughout the county.

Heavy localized flooding, downed trees and downed signs should be reported to ACHD as soon as possible. Residents can make urgent reports to the Ada County Sherriff's Office through the non-emergency dispatch line at (208)377-6790.

Commuters should drive for conditions. Vehicle stop time can be impacted by wet roads. Drivers should leave plenty of room for other drivers. Please turn on headlights and watch closely for pedestrians and bicyclists, who may be more difficult to see during weather events. Avoid driving, walking, or rolling through flooded areas.

Lastly, ACHD asks residents to be considerate of crews as they work to manage reported issues. Please give ACHD team members plenty of room to work, slow down, and be respectful.


Shandy Lam
Deputy Director of Communications

Rachel Bjornestad
Public Information Officer

Christy Foltz-Ahlrichs
Sr. Communications Specialist

Emma Bowers
Digital Media Coordinator

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