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Ustick-Northview & Poplar Corridor Concept Study

ACHD is exploring a variety of bike and selected pedestrian improvements to the following corridors:

  • Poplar Street, Milwaukee Street to Orchard Street
  • Ustick-Northview Corridor, Shamrock Avenue to Milwaukee Street

We have been working on a concept design to examine the two corridors for improvements to bike and selected pedestrian facilities to improve safety for students and residents walking and biking. Based on public feedback earlier this year, several treatments have been developed and evaluated.* Check out the information below and tell us what you think!

September 2022 Outreach

Please review the information at the link below. While your comments are always welcome, the comment period closed on September 15, 2022.


Spring 2022 Outreach

During the spring of 2022, residents helped us identify needs and opportunities throughout the project area. Please find a link below reviewing what we heard. 

Other projects in the area

*Each segment of the corridor will be evaluated to determine the best improvement(s) for all users while taking into consideration the unique needs of each neighborhood.

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Kristy Inselman

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