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Barber Valley Neighborhood Transportation Plan

ACHD is developing a plan to help improve neighborhood streets in the Barber Valley area.

The purpose of this plan is to work with residents to identify and prioritize future projects that will improve transportation and roadway safety in the Barber Valley area. Projects that improve walking, biking, and/or driving will be considered, depending on the needs of the community.  

Based on public feedback from outreach earlier this spring ACHD has developed a list of proposed projects. 

Please review the information at the link below. While your comments are always welcome, the comment period closed on August 15, 2022.


March/April 2022 Public Outreach

ACHD reached out to the public in early spring 2022 to gather feedback on on the Barber Valley Neighborhood Plan. The comment period closed on April 12, 2022.  Please view the information below to learn more. 

Other Studies in the Area


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