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Garden Street, Franklin Road to Bethel Street

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General Description:

  • Construct curb, gutter, sidewalk and ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps on both sides of Garden Street between Franklin Road and Bethel Street. Existing sidewalk may be improved as needed.
  • Rebuild roadway and select driveway approaches.
  • Upgrade existing speed humps to "speed cushions", which will ease emergency vehicle access.
  • Most improvements will be constructed within the public right-of-way.
  • Check out the design!


  • Increase connectivity for pedestrians
  • Improve quality of the street


  • November 2018 - Began design
  • Summer 2019 - Seek public input on the design (We are here!)
  • Fall 2019 - Finalize design
  • 2024 - Anticipated construction year


This project was one of several identified in the 2012 Boise Central Bench Neighborhood Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan as a priority for sidewalk completion.  

This section is the first step in creating a completed north/south pedestrian and bicyclist route on Garden Street from Cassia Park to the Boise Greenbelt. While this project focuses on pedestrian facilities, ACHD's Integrated Five-Year Work Plan also calls for the subsequent design and construction of the Garden Street Bikeway in the future.


How will stormwater be handled?

  • Curb and gutter will route stormwater to new underground seepage bed structures or tie into the existing stormwater system.

What will happen to the existing irrigation (open ditches alongside the street)?

  •  No modifications to the existing irrigation systems are anticipated.

Your Comments

Thank you for your interest in the project. The survey closed July 24, 2019.

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