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Horseshoe Bend Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Project

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March 22, 2022 Update: Because of the comments we received this summer, we have narrowed the drainage swale that runs between the roadway and the multi-use pathway to its smallest possible width (10 feet) while still maintaining proper drainage of runoff from the roadway. By narrowing the swale, it will allow for a wider access road than originally planned to accommodate two-directional traffic and/ or parking for residents that live off Horseshoe Bend Road. Additionally, this change in design will lessen the right-of-way impact to adjacent property owners that live at the northern limits of this project near the charter school and park. 


The Ada County Highway District is designing pedestrian and bicyclist facilities for Horseshoe Bend Road between Hill Road and State Street. The purpose of the project is to improve safety and increase connectivity for bicyclists and pedestrians. 

Summer 2021 Outreach Materials

While your comments are always welcome, this survey closed on September 9, 2021. 

Project Description:

  • Replace curb, gutter and construct a multi-use pathway on the east side of Horseshoe Bend Road from State Street to Hill Road
  • Add new pedestrian ramps and bikeway signage where necessary
  • Add a signalized pedestrian crossing on Horseshoe Bend Road at Utahna Road


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