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Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan

General Description:

The Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan was adopted by the ACHD Commissioners on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.


Project Description

  • A plan to identify how residents and visitors get to, through and around the downtown using all modes of travel.
  • The goal is to identify projects and priorities for intersections; pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities; and truck routes along the Avalon Street/Main Street/Bridge Street corridor, between School Avenue and Kay Street.

Purpose of the study is to:

  • Define the current and desired function of Kuna's downtown transportation and access for all modes of travel - vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, transit, trucks.
  • Evaluate existing and future vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and agricultural truck patterns, circulation and operations for downtown.
  • Identify desired Downtown parking operations
  • Identify Downtown access management strategies
  • Help ACHD and the City determine Downtown improvement projects and priorities
  • Determine where improvements are needed along the Avalon Street /Main Street / Bridge Street corridor between School Road and Kay Avenue.
  • Near the end of the study, conceptual design work will begin on one of the following projects, while the others will be programmed for coming years:
    • Avalon Street between Orchard Avenue and Linder Avenue
    • Avalon Street/Swan Falls Road intersection
    • Linder Avenue/Main Street/3rd Street intersection
    • Bridge Avenue/Avenue D/ and Main/3rd intersection
    • Avalon Street/Bridge Avenue/Shortline Street intersection

Plan will recommend improvements and programming strategies thru year 2035.


Time Frame

Start Date:
End Date:

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